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    Green roofs are a hot topic at the moment.
    They’re an excellent choice for architecture as they offer many advantages both to buildings and the well-being of those that live in them.
    When deciding to build a green roof focus automatically tends to be on its structural aspects , but it mustn’t be forgotten that a green roof is a living ecosystem. A piece of nature in evolution above our heads.
    Good planning and choice of the most suitable vegetation are the two cornerstones for its success and durability.
    Life on the roof is 70% dependent on the characteristics of the growing medium in which plant roots grow.
    Substrate is the driving force behind the green roof and is the predominant share of construction costs.
    Since Fertil produces substrate directly this means that we manage every aspect of it, from composition to quality.
    The result is the best growing media on the market today, and very different from conventional materials.

    This is the reason why you should rely on Fertil to design and construct your green roof

    The Roof Garden construction technique has been used in Switzerland and Great Britain since the early 1980s. At the time, their use was justified with the needs of energy saving and biodiversity conservation, but today their positive function is also extended to adaptation to climate change. Basel, Sheffield, London, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Paris, Stuttgart and Berlin are just some of the European cities that have started since a long time ago with real intervention programs.
    Overseas, the experiences of Toronto, Chicago and New York are also in great evidence.