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    Green roofs and Green walls, with roots firmly planted in the ground


    The urban landscaper, following quality standards with a focus on lasting results, cannot take for granted the primary elements for healthy plant life – soil and growing media.
    Paying the right amount of attention to these factors differentiates a purely practical project from an aesthetic one.
    Fertil, was founded in 1987 by Paolo Colleoni and Flavio Bizzoni who were, even then, focused on these key factors.
    Today, two distinct, specialized divisions work synergistically in the company.
    The first is dedicated to the production of Growing media for home gardening and landscaping.
    Choosing the best raw materials, organic and mineral, local and imported, and producing substrates suitable for every design requirement.
    The second deals with the production of substrates for professional soilless horticulture containing proprietary and patented ingredients to enhance productive performance of crops.
    Although new to the green roof and green wall sector Fertil has roots in 30 years of experience in growing media production for the most diverse climates and the most exciting projects.
    To all this we add the skill and passion of a dynamic team of agronomists strongly oriented towards all that encompasses the design of the future of urban landscapes.
    This makes us a unique company, able to work with both builders and designers of modern green spaces.

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