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    Components & Accessories

    In addition to basic stratigraphy FertilRoof systems include metal components for perimeter windproof strips.
    These components can be made in various materials (aluminum/steel) and in a variety of thicknesses depending on the durability and strength required.
    Components can be supplied in a standard solution, i.e. in linear rails (and relative corner junctions) or in case of collaboration in the early design phases, pre-cut and tailored for simple and fast assembly.
    A variety of pebbles are also available in 15/25 mm grain size and in different colors.

    To ensure optimum roof function and to facilitate inspection of regular water flow we supply drain covers in a variety of materials (aluminum/steel, in various thicknesses) and anti-fall lifelines for the safety of maintenance operators.
    We offer a special design and sizing service for anti-fall lifelines which, depending on the characteristics of the roof, will define the number and position of anchors.