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    From lush greenery climbing up skyscrapers to picturesque flora adorning home kitchens, living walls are becoming an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Decorating your home and office with a living wall improves air quality, living environment and increases productivity.


    Fertil Walls are the most modern and high-performing iteration of Living Walls.
    The greening of walls offers an exciting new avenue in modern gardening,
    ranging from the decorating of small surfaces, to furnishing homes, shops, and workplaces, up to large-scale projects like entire building facades. There are a multitude of purposes for a vertical garden.
    It is both aesthetic and architectural and can also improve insulation and thermal performance of buildings. For this reason it is also sometimes subject to tax breaks.
    There are various technologies for creating vertical gardens.

    Historically, the first green walls were built using metal nets and geotextiles in order to retain the growing medium.

    However, due to the challenging nature of maintenance these solutions have become agronomically ineffective and expensive over time.
    Fertil Wall is the modern solution to these problems and makes living, green, vertical walls easy to build and easy to maintain.