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    The construction of a green roof requires the right choice and correct installation of all functional layers.
    Specific Mechanical properties are needed such as stability under wind, resistance to static loads and attention to plant root growth.
    For these reasons the choice of a FertilRoof end-to-end solution is usually a winner, as well as affordable. .
    However Fertil is also available to come on board a project as a partner at any construction phase, simply supplying single components.

    Our technical staff is able to deal with entire executive design and drafting of technical documents for building permits as well as the management of construction sites.
    The components we supply are all packed in compliance with construction safety standards and labeled for easier handling.

    All commercial quotations come with a technical drawing describing at a decent reading scale all steps to be followed and components to be used.
    By simply sending us a plan of your roof you will receive a complete preliminary plan of the project to be carried out.

    We offer free design advice and welcome all evaluations.

    Each project must reflect the client's personal tastes and needs related to their living environment. Therefore, we first listen and analyze every request and/or expectation to develop a tailor-made replica watches design.